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PRESS RELEASE: Admissions Revolution Puts College Bound Students in the Driver’s Seat

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Founder Sara Harberson Removes Mystery, Confusion, Secrets

from College Admissions Process


April 21, 2015 | Lancaster, PA – Get informed. Get empowered. Get in. To college, that is. Starting now, Admissions Revolution and founder Sara Harberson are removing the mystery, confusion, and secrets from the college admissions process, putting college bound students right where they need to be – in the driver’s seat.

“I have devoted my career to making college accessible to students from all over the world,” says Harberson. “I’ve founded Admissions Revolution to change the landscape of the college admissions process, something that’s been cloaked in mystery for decades.”

As a former dean of admissions and a current high school director of college counseling, Harberson understands how critical it is for college bound students to not only have the right set of keys in their hands, but to also have access to the best and most up-to-date set of maps for their GPS. She has transformed her car into a studio from which she produces videos that unmask the secrets of the college admissions process.

Using a series of candid videos and insightful written guides, all available on the Admissions Revolution website, Harberson shares real advice and step-by-step guidance to cut through the confusion and help students navigate the journey to their dream colleges. She intimately explores every facet of the college admissions process – from standardized testing and college visits to Early Decision and why colleges use waitlists, from understanding selectivity and the committee process to financial aid and gapping – dispelling myths and exposing truths along the way. Admissions Revolution also shares checklists, timelines, webinars, digital chats, and more.

“Getting into the right college can be life changing – it was for me,” says Harberson. “I am pulling back the curtain on a process that should be transparent, and placing vital information where it belongs, in the hands of students and their families.”

The average cost of an independent college counseling package is $4,000. The hourly rate of an independent college counselor is $150 to $500. That’s why Admissions Revolution does not offer one-on-one college counseling. Its videos and guides are designed to make college accessible to students everywhere and are available through different monthly and annual subscription plans. Prices range from $59.99 per month to $999 per year. All plans include a free two-week trial.

Admissions Revolution is open any time day or night, in any time zone. It is accessible on any computer or mobile device. And, it offers social communities where students and parents can connect with one another.

About Admissions Revolution

Founded in 2015 by former dean of admissions and current director of college counseling Sara Harberson, Admissions Revolution is a college admissions global positioning system (GPS). Developed to change the landscape of the college admission process, it removes the mystery, secrets, and confusion and places students and families in the driver’s seat. From which high school classes to take to perfecting the college application to choosing which college to attend, Admissions Revolution arms students and families with the information necessary to make informed choices throughout every phase of the college admissions process. For more information, visit Admissions Revolution online at and join Admissions Revolution on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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