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PRESS RELEASE: FUZION’S Dr. Goodkind Warns of Loopholes in New Medical Spa Law


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David Goodkind, MD, Warns Patients to Beware of Loopholes


December 10, 2014 | Branford, CT – Earlier this year, the Connecticut State Legislature passed a bill intended to protect the safety of patients at medical spas. In effect since October 1, 2014, the new law requires all medical spas in the state to employ a physician (medical doctor), physician’s assistant (PA), or advanced practice registered nurse (APRN). All cosmetic medical procedures must be performed by one of these licensed individuals, but not before they perform an initial physical assessment of each patient. Cosmetic medical procedures include Botox, hair transplants, laser hair removal, medical facials, and more.

Last week, David Goodkind, MD, board certified plastic surgeon and owner of FUZION Medical Aesthetic Boutique in Branford took to the airwaves with Connecticut House Minority Leader-Elect Themis Klarides (R-114) who co-sponsored the bill. They talked with NBC Connecticut’s Kerri-Lee Mayland about the new law, what it is intended to do, and how patients still need to protect themselves. Dr. Goodkind expressed his gratitude for the work Representative Klarides and her colleagues have done to increase the safety of the spa environment, but he also shared concerns the bill didn’t go far enough.

“While the expertise PAs and APRNs bring to medical spas and other areas of medical practice is invaluable, physician oversight of cosmetic medical procedures is paramount,” says Dr. Goodkind. “Spas are circumventing the law by contracting with “no-show” directors, physicians, or others who are simply renting out the credentials of their licensure and some of whom are retired.”

Dr. Goodkind worries about enforcement of the law as well as making sure patients understand the full spectrum of services, choices available to them at a medical spa so they can make educated decisions about their care and the procedures they elect. He feels all medical spas should have an onsite and active medical director, in accordance with the spirit of the new law. At FUZION, he meets with every patient before any procedure is done.

“That way, I know they are well-informed,” he says. “Patients deserve that. And, they should demand it. No matter how good our laws are, patients need to advocate for themselves.”

Both Goodkind and Klarides concluded that ultimate enforcement of the law lies with patients. As consumers, they need to make sure they know the questions to ask – e.g., is there a doctor on site, will I get to meet with a doctor, what are your credentials, etc.


Founded in 2008 by David Goodkind, MD, FUZION Medical Aesthetic Boutique was built on the foundation that youth is a feeling, a state of mind. While it’s impossible to dial age younger or “turn back the clock,” there are a host of beauty tricks that can be custom tailored to help most anyone feel great for their age. Those who visit FUZION enter a freedom zone where they can complain about each and every wrinkle, sag, or droop that troubles them. The more the FUZION team knows about personal motivations, the better they can tailor specific medical aesthetic procedures to deliver a unique experience and desired results. For more information, visit or call (203) 871-3799 to schedule a free consultation.

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