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PRESS RELEASE: ASAP Urgent Care’s 20/20 Vision Sees the Future … Today

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Urgent Care Chain Promises $20 Credit To
Any Patient Kept Waiting More Than 20 Minutes

March 13, 2014 | Greenwich, CT – Across the country, urgent care centers are popping up in rapid succession in nearly every town. In Connecticut it’s no different. However, what is different is ASAP Urgent Care. ASAP not only provides a high-end, concierge-style environment at a traditional urgent care price point, but is now changing the game with a guarantee that patients will be seen by a healthcare provider within 20 minutes or receive a $20 credit toward their next visit. No other urgent care facility in Connecticut makes the same promise. In fact, the pledge is virtually unprecedented in healthcare today.

“We know people postpone seeing a doctor for many reasons – they can’t get an appointment at a convenient time, they can’t afford to leave the office just to sit in a waiting room, the list goes on,” says ASAP Urgent Care chief medical officer Lawrence Earl, MD. “At ASAP, we are open 76 hours per week, including weekday evenings and weekends. And, we promise you’ll be seen by a healthcare provider within 20 minutes of checking in at one of our facilities.”

Speeding up wait times even more at ASAP is the ability for patients to check in online from home before actually setting foot in an ASAP facility. While ASAP has gone to great lengths to accommodate patients with comfortable lounge areas that include designer furniture, a coffee bar, music, televisions, specially-selected paint colors, a professionally curated art collection, and even heated gowns, the ASAP team strives to make sure patients have as little time as possible to enjoy those perks.

ASAP Urgent Care’s “Get Better Promise” includes the following:

  • Quality. Patients receive the quality outcome they deserve, and need.
  • Empathy. ASAP hires only experienced providers who continually demonstrate a caring attitude. They look patients in the eye, call them by their first names, and don’t rush exams and conversations.
  • Speed. Homegrown state of the art registration and appointment management technology ensures ultra fast check in/check out. Registering online ahead of time is even faster and guarantees patients their place in line.
  • Atmosphere. ASAP doesn’t have a waiting room or a receptionist. Patients are greeted by a concierge in the lounge where they can listen to music and enjoy a beverage. Children can hang out in their own private play lounge.

And, patient satisfaction surveys ensure ASAP gets better when it needs to.

About ASAP Urgent Care

Founded in Connecticut by doctors with over three decades of experience, ASAP Urgent Care is dedicated to providing a better solution for people who have urgent medical needs. In addition, ASAP offers occupational medicine, online doctor visits, and diet and sleep aid for patients of all ages. ASAP Urgent Care also has employer services to help keep businesses running and employees healthy with a wide range of services from diagnostics, to flu clinics, to drug screenings, and more.

Centers are open Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., except on Thanksgiving and Christmas. ASAP guarantees patients will be seen within 20 minutes of checking in at its locations – if ASAP is somehow unable to fulfill this promise, patients made to wait more than 20 minutes will receive a credit of $20 toward their next visit. Through ASAP’s website, patients can check in online before heading to a facility. Those not wanting to leave the comfort of their own homes can video conference with healthcare professionals. ASAP Urgent Care centers, open in Hamden (203-248-2727) and Madison (203-318-8000), have received the Urgent Care Association of America’s (UCAOA) Certified Urgent Care designation. The chain will open facilities in Milford and North Haven in spring 2014. For more information, visit and connect with ASAP on Facebook.

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